Case of 6 Koru Biodegradable Cellulose & Sisal Sponges (4 pack), Natural Washing Up Sponge Scourer, Eco Friendly Zero Waste Plastic Free, Eco Kitchen Gift

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The Koru biodegradable cellulose and sisal scrub sponge are great for pots and pans and cleaning various, as well as the earth. 

These multi-purpose cellulose and sisal sponges are super absorbent and can handle scrubbing pans just as well as traditional scrub sponges that are plastic-based. The cellulose side is suitable for absorbtion and wiping surfaces and the sisal side, is highly effective at scrubbing surfaces.  

100% BIODEGRADABLE: Our sponges are made from sisal, a natural plant fibre and cellulose, made from wood pulp. They will therefore biodegrade rather than spending thousands of years in landfill like plastic sponges.

NO MORE MICRO-PLASTICS: Our sponges are 100% plastic free made from natural fibres and will not leave any traces of micro-plastics in the water system.

LONG LASTING: Use less to save the planet and your pockets.

RECYCLED PACKAGING: All beautifully designed boxes are made from 100% recycled / recyclable cardboard. Even our postage bags are biodegradable.

Each box includes:

4 x cellulose & sisal sponge scourers

1 x recycled / recyclable box